J&K / Janne Schäfer and Kristine Agergaard
Mixed media installation and object performance (sculpture and sound)

J&K, We, mixed media installation, du.al, photo: J&K / du.al, 2018

“We are differences in intensities, We are the presence over there, that makes the over there move. We are we without a you. We get folded and twisted into shapes, and are connected tail to head. We are strands interlaced. We are what is always alluded to, but never sufficiently named. We are a voice that doesn’t use words.”

We is a community of living objects transgressing human made categories and subject-object division. Composed as an object theatre We consists of two dioramas suggesting a sequence in which sculptures, objects and materials are animated and staged as lifeforms in an absurd vision of a world beyond the anthropocene.

An object performance presents the text We spoken and written by Jonathan Bonnici in collaboration with J&K.

J&K, We, mixed media installation and object performance, du.al, 2018, all photos: J&K / du.al