J&K / Janne Schäfer and Kristine Agergaard
Birth ‐ Transforming Water into Water
26th of August, 2012, 10 am ‐ 12 pm. Storkespringvandet, Copenhagen


J&K, Birth ‐ Transforming Water into Water / The Community Cycle, Copenhagen Art Festival, video documentation of performance, camera + edit:

The Stork Fountain, a legendary landmark for the hippie movement and the gathering point for graduating midwifes, is turned into a sensual and sacred bathing place by a community of people of all ages. Throughout the performance the bathers handle water in various ways, wash each other and bath in the fountain, which is slowly heated up by hot water prepared in large pots on gas cookers. A scientific lecture on how the evolution of cells has formed through the collaboration of communities is read out live. The lecture is composed of quotes from cell biologist Bruce Lipton.

Lecturer: Nick Brooks
Bathers: J&K with Jon Bonnici, Thomas Brandt, Olga Francois Christensen, Katrine Godsbøll Jørgensen, Michael Gmuer, Cecilie Gravesen, Inigi Minns, Asta Idris Minns, Philip Roitmann, Cosmo Henri Roitmann, Mette Schwarz, Maya Luna Zama











J&K, Birth ‐ Transforming Water into Water / The Community Cycle, Copenhagen Art Festival, performance, 2h, photos: Mika Kokkonen, Natascha Rydvald

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