The One Minutes series – video program curated by J&K

Posted on May 12, 2014
The One Minutes series – video program curated by J&K

They have come to escort me on the dangerous pathway of the intermediate state,
24 x 1min video program curated by J&K for The One Minutes.

During the spring we have curated a video program for The One Minutes, a global video platform. It has been an exciting process to collect 24 x 1min videos made by a broad spectrum of international artists. In the program we are exploring the theme of death and rebirth in connection to the collapse of a system and the aftermath of revolution. Specifically, we are exploring how death or destruction of prevailing structures can be regarded as a state of potentiality that may lead to new creation.

Participating artists are: Amado Alfadni (EG), Erika Arzt & Juan Linares (AT/ES), Arnar Asgeirsson (IS), Candice Breitz (ZA), Nicholas Brooks (UK), Lizza May David (DE), Sophie Dupont (DK), Søren Thilo Funder & Tina Helen (DK), Cecilie Gravesen (DK), Mathilde ter Heijne (NL), Malak Helmy (EG), Sophie Hjerl (DK), J&K (DE/DK), Hassan Khan (EG), Huda Lutfi (EG), Pernille With Madsen (DK), Mikkel Niemann (DK), Nissa Nishikawa (CA/JP), Cullinan Richards (UK), Trine Mee Sook (DK/KR), SSMIDD (DE), Josefine Struckmann (DK), Miquel Clara Vasconcelos (PT) and Allard Zoetman (NL)

The series is shown in 20 institutions in The Netherlands and internationally. Further special screenings are in preparation and will be announced.
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02_artz_linares_oneminutes_2014 Erika Arzt and Juan Linares, May 2011, still from 1min video, 2014

03_jk_oneminutes_2012 J&K, Afterlife – Transforming Space into Space, still from 1min video, 2012/2014